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Our Custom Home Building Process Tampa Bay Florida
Here is some helpful information about the custom home building process. And while not every step described below involves construction, K+B Builders Inc.. goal is to make all phases of the process as easy as possible, so please dont hesitate to ask our assistance in any area.
Step 1 - Find your dream location.
We can build on your land or we can help you find the perfect location.
Step 2 - Find your dream plan.
We are very flexible with regards to design, we can work directly from your plans.  Custom design services are available if you bring us some ideas or an existing plan that needs some modifications or we can also recommend a local designer who we think does good work if you want to start from scratch.
Step 3 - Decide on the features and finishes of your home.
K+B Builders Inc.. feels strongly in investing a significant amount of time in project planning and we feel that this investment is paid back many times over during construction.  Request our Pre-Estimate information Request form to get started.  Typically, we ask the Customer to fill out as much as possible but not to stress over getting it completely filled out.  This is something we can and will go over in detail with you in person.  We also ask that you work on this jointly with your spouse so that you are both on the same page.  Its a great tool for getting you to think about all the choices afforded you in the building of a custom home.
Step 4 - Establish your budget.
Experience tells us that it is almost inevitable that you will request a house that costs more than you expect.  As the building of the house progresses, you will want to add features to the house that will further increase the cost.  Building a custom house can be a lot of fun, but exceeding the budget can put a strain on both the customer and your builder.
While not absolutely necessary, we think its important that you share your budget (or at least a budget range) with your builder.  Building a home requires a strong collaborative effort between you and your builder.  Your builder should be an expert with respect to how much things cost and can make many recommendations as to the pros and cons of various features with an eye on their effect on the bottom line.  And lastly, it takes us (at K+B Builders Inc..) as much as two to three weeks to put together an accurate proposal and estimate (were very thorough).  This is a significant expenditure of time and its important to know if we are at least in the ballpark before starting on a detailed proposal.  We can usually give you a rough price range estimate after we see your plans and have a preliminary discussion about the house features; this way, we can both agree its worthwhile to move forward.
Step 5 - Line up financing.
Its never too soon to get pre-approval for your project.
Step 6 - Meet with us.
Obviously, at some point, we need to spend some time together.  We need to sit down in person with you and go over your plans and ideas as well as that questionnaire we asked you e-mail us for our (Pre-Estimate Information Request Form). Well go over this form item by item and we can assist you in explaining the various options and their relative pros and cons as well as their costs.  Well want to visit your house site together.  We will usually bring out an excavator to meet with us so that we get a very good idea of the work needed to build your foundation.  Usually, this meeting is done in person, while difficult, it is possible to take care of some of this over the phone.
Step 7 - Work on the Proposal.
After weve met and the floor plans and questionnaire are complete, the Proposal process begins.  This can take several weeks depending on the level of complexity.  Well usually go through several draft Proposals before agreeing to all the features of your home.  Each draft will give you a chance to review the proposal and for us to ask more questions for clarification purposes.  When weve finalized the Proposal with respect to the features of the home, then a cost estimate is prepared. There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to pricing:
Option 1 All Inclusive - In this alternative, K+B Builders Inc.. will provide a single price for your home which includes our fee.  This will make K+B Builders Inc.. responsible for any construction cost variances as a result of estimating errors or construction material / sub-contractor pricing changes.  The only time the price to the Customer would change in this scenario would be in the case of Change Orders or variances on Allowances. The vast majority of our Customers choose this option.
Option 2 Fixed Fee - In this alternative, K+B Builders Inc.. will charge the Customer a fixed fee for managing all construction tasks (permitting, sub-contractor selection, scheduling, project management, supervision and quality assurance). Then all actual costs of construction (all labor, material, permits, fees, etc.) will be charged to the Customer.  In this option, you will also be provided with a very detailed breakdown of estimated costs for every construction category.  K+B Builders Inc.. will not be financially responsible for any cost variances (nor will we make additional profit if costs come in under budget).  We will, however, provide explanations for any significant cost overruns (those exceeding original projection by more than ten percent).  Upon request, you will be provided access to original invoices.
E-mail us for a  Sample Proposal so you can get an idea of what is involved.  The Proposal not only provides a scope of work for your project, but it also provides a road map for us to follow during the course of construction.

A Proposal contains the following information:
1. A summary of your floor plan.
2. An overview of the construction materials and methods.
3. The features of your home.  Organized roughly by construction phase, these sections provide all the important details of your custom home.  Each section also includes details for options (which will either increase or decrease the price) and for allowances.
4. A summary of the job costs included in the price.  Highlights other items that are included in the estimate such as permit costs and temporary utility costs.
5. A detailed list of what will not be included.  We dont want there to be any surprises. So in addition to telling you what we include, we want to try to inform you about any additional costs you may incur. This is usually a short list and may include things such as financing costs, survey costs (if needed) and cable and phone hookups.
6. Customer selections.  As a courtesy, we will also outline all the various items that you will be responsible for selecting during the building process. After building commences, you will be provided with a Customer Selection Guide that will help guide you through the process of making your selections and communicating them to back to us.
7. Policies.  A brief recap of some of the more important K+B Builders Inc.. policies such as warranty, insurance and Change Orders.
8. Pricing.  This is the contract price for the scope of work outlined in the Proposal.
9. Sign a contract.  Once weve agreed on the Proposal, the next step is signing the Construction Agreement.  This document incorporates the Proposal as well as any other Construction Documents (like the plans) and is the formal agreement governing our relationship during the building process.  At the time Construction Agreement is signed, we will establish a proposed starting date for the project and also require an initial non-refundable deposit to hold your turn in line.
10. Obtain financing.  In a previous step, you begin the process of obtaining financing.  Now its time to put that into place.  At this point, we will also establish a draw schedule with the bank.  Usually this is five to six draws based on a pre-determined schedule over the course of the project. We request an initial draw be made available immediately prior to commencement of construction.  Then the bank monitors draw requests which are funded only if specified work is verified as complete by the banks inspector. A final draw is typically held back until completion of the project and obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.
11.Build the house.  Finally, we get to the good part.  Construction usually takes six to nine months depending on the size of the project and many other factors (weather, building department, availability of sub-contractors).  We suggest you plan on the long end of the range and then youll be happy if we finish early.  During the building process, we will provide you with bi-weekly progress updates and can also provide pictures on a regular basis.  Inevitably, during construction you will want to make changes.  We encourage changes as they are one of the great benefits of building a custom home.  However, there is an administrative burden associated with making a change and therefore we charge a modest $50 Change Order fee.  But since we know changes are inevitable, we include the first 20 changes into our cost estimates which means the Customer only gets charged starting with the 21st change.
For documentation purposes, we maintain a Change Order log and periodically go through the process of obtaining signatures and requesting payment.
12.Make customer selections.  Soon after construction starts, we will provide you with a Customer Selection Schedule. The Schedule outlines all the selections you need to make and the timing of making those choices. In addition to the schedule, youll also be provided with a Customer Selection Guide (under construction) which will help describe the selection process, provide various supplier information and generally assist in the selection process.
If you need help with materials, colors or finishes, interior design consulting is also available. Or with a little bit of guidance (or using an existing home as an example), we dont mind assisting you in the selection process.
13.Take occupancy.  Once the house is done and the Certificate of Occupancy is obtained from the building department, well have a final walkthrough, establish a punch list for changes, agree to the final disbursement of funds and then the house is yours.  At this time, we will also execute an twelve month workmanship and materials Warranty A Warranty Service Request Process Explanation and a Warranty Service Request Form are provided for a better understanding of the warranty process.
14. Refer us to all your friends.  Were confident that you will love your home and hope you will tell everyone you know !!!  We also hope that youll let us post pictures of your home to our web site..
Call today to schedule your appointment to meet with our estimator: 813-360-3151

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